School experts

Partner: Schoolfinders KIG

Contact: Nicole Rieffel & Diane Bauer

Offer: 10% on all services in the first year from registration on RelocateYOU.

Schoolfinders is the only neutral and independent point of contact for school issues in Switzerland.


Our advice covers the public and private school system, mono- and bilingual schools, Swiss or international curricula, including boarding schools throughout Switzerland.


Our experience has shown that there is a great need for support when a family needs help choosing a new school or is freshly relocating to Switzerland.


We show the different educational paths and realistic possibilities to be able to follow the desired path later on. Schoolfinders works very individually and puts itself in the situation of the family. Through our regular and personal visits to all schools and a comprehensive follow-up, we can ensure the quality of our advice. We believe in the individual potential of each child. Our goal is to find the right environment for your child that will foster a lifelong love of learning.



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