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Partner: Global People Transitions GmbH

Contact: Angie Weinberger

Offer: 10% on all services in the first year from registration on RelocateYOU.

Angie Weinberger has over a decade of experience in expat executive coaching. She supports expatriates who want to earn an income in their host country and those who want to build high-performing virtual teams.


Angie Weinberger has been an Intercultural Executive Coach since 2010. She was trained by Dr. Eva Kinast and Drs. Boudewijn Vermeulen. In 2013 and 2015, she was certified as a Professional Certified Coach by the same coach educators. In 2018, she was certified by Dr. Eva Kinast as a seminar leader for group coaching using the Boudewijn Vermeulen® Method. As of November 2020, Angie is a licensed practitioner of Adapt and Succeed Abroad. She has worked with over 250 coaching and consulting clients.


Angie is the author of The Global Career Workbook, a self-help career manual for internationally mobile professionals, and The Global Mobility Workbook, which advocates adding a human touch to global mobility. She is a recognized consultant and lecturer on global mobility and cross-cultural management.



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