Preparation / Preamble

Esteemed incomer,

We are delighted to welcome you to Becomelocal. This basic programme and the information contained herein as well as specimen templates enable you to autonomously and flexibly carry out your relocation to the Greater Zurich area. You can obtain further support via our extra services on request or through your employer.

Before you start planning your move, it is important to check that all personal documents such as passports, birth certificates and your marriage certificate are valid. Depending on the country of origin, birth and marriage certificates have to be translated and legalised for the Swiss points of contact. For apartment searching, it is also important to enclose an extract from the debt enforcement register.

Once the immigration formalities have been initiated, it is essential to define whether the municipality where you have chosen to live provides a tax advantage and whether your accompanying children are to be admitted to the local state school or to a private international school. These two factors will considerably affect the search for a suitable place of residence. If your children are to go to an international school, you should give top priority to securing school places, as some schools have long waiting lists.

As it is important that you have knowledge of Switzerland, the publication «The Swiss Confederation – A Brief Guide» as well as our calculation document, to calculate your particular living expenses, give you good inside.

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